K-Blocks – A New Standard in IT Organization

February 20, 2015

Consolidation, scalability and standardization for your business requirements – “K-Blocks”


Businesses function more efficiently when infrastructure standards exist — from standardizing the size and weight of steel girders, to choosing a common voltage for electricity, to creating single-sized cargo containers for shipping. This holds true for information technology, as well. In fact, standardization of IT infrastructure within one enterprise can lead to substantial cost savings and more reliable operations. Standardization benefits every kind of business case — whether it’s focused on operational efficiency, reducing risk or managing rapid scalability and handling explosive scale-out growth.

IT organizations are making the transition away from specialized, vertically integrated teams to cross-functional, solution-driven teams. These groups need to respond more rapidly to changes in customer demands and market conditions. Rapid response capability depends upon information systems that are equally adaptive and responsive. Fortunately, efficiencies gained with the adoption of server virtualization are now readily available across the entire data center stack, including network, storage and compute services. Kovarus works with customers to identify and standardize “building blocks” consisting of fully configured and integrated sets of IT components designed to meet common business needs. We call these ‘K-Blocks,’ with the “K” referring to Kovarus.

K-Blocks can be used to deploy common or standardized infrastructure to the data center, the enterprise and all the way to the branch office. If you need to solve the same IT challenge multiple times, the K-Block will make that process more efficient and flexible.

This methodology uses hardware and software components that are optimized to meet design specifications supporting service levels to both IT and the business. K-Blocks are designed to fit the customer’s purpose. Kovarus engages in the customer’s design and thought process at both business and IT levels to ensure the right fit. As conditions evolve, Kovarus continues to work with the customer to help plan for change. K-Blocks include all components needed for an IT solution, so delays caused by a missing fiber channel cable or a misconfigured router are eliminated. K-Blocks are standardized and tested configurations designed for repeated and standardized use.

The K-Block concept also enables companies to scale out painlessly. For example, a company with a global footprint can begin with a single rack of converged infrastructure. As the needs of the data center grow, the platform can easily grow with it to accommodate business needs. K-Block provides cost-effective commodity stacks that perform basic routing security, load-balancing, storage and other functions required by remote offices, delivered as a single pod. It can easily be drop-shipped to any office worldwide and connected to the Internet, immediately ready to function.

K-Blocks are designed to your specific business needs, not to a generic standard. By focusing on your needs and creating a readily replicated solution, K-Blocks mitigate risks associated with one-off, untested designs. Designing K-Blocks for scalability enables you to purchase only the capacity you need today, while giving you peace of mind knowing that you can add capacity as needed. K-Block design and implementations are tailored. Whether you only need K-Block components shipped to your site, or whether you want full installation, integration and functional testing, the service is customized to your requirements.

Standardization drives more efficient and massively flexible use of resources. K-Blocks extend the benefits of standardization beyond broad industry standards to IT solutions custom-designed for your business, both as it is today and as it will grow in the future.